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What is our solution?

We have it in Tijuana! It is called HFS (Hair Follicle Simulation) Scalp Micropigmentation and it was developed and patented in Israel. Through microtattooing we simulate incredibly natural looking hair where there isn't

The client gets the appearance of a head full of  hair that has been buzzed a few days earlier.

We are pioneers and leaders in Mexico. We have 8 years of experience doing only this procedure and have 7 clinics throughout the country.

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Which tools do we use?

We have in exclusive the use of the israeli HFS technology that is patented. This technology (needles, device and pigments) was developed specifically to simulate hair and this is what makes the result look so natural.

As of today there is no other method of micropigmentation that offers results as natural as the ones we achieve.

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How natural does it look?

The naturality we achieve is incredible andeven your closest people will believe it is real hair growing.

It is not the same to look buzzed than looking bald. They will think you have a full head of hair but that you prefer to have it cut short.

If you still have enough hair, we can give you the look of more density.


"I am so happy I  decided to have my scalp micropigmentation done by you guys. It looks very, very natural and nobody, not even my closest friends, have noticed. My wife loved it, she says I look younger. Thank you very much!"


"This is the best decision I have ever taken. My self esteem has gone up and it is incredible how nobody has noticed I did something, everyone thinks it is my own hair growing. I look 10 years younger. I definetely recommed follitech."


"First, I had a hair transplant, but the truth is the doctor never told me I would not not have the result I was looking for. Thank God I found this solution because I now look as if I had  full head of hair and it looks super natural."


"I was really tired of people asking me constantly what happened to me and why I had such a big scar. Since I had the procedure done, not even one person has asked".


"I loved the idea of covering my scars. They really pass unnoticed and I feel much better when I am around people because they no longer stare. I am really thankfull".


"Before I had this procedure done on me I spend a lot of money on Toppik and could not get into a pool or excersice heavily. Now it is all in the past and it seems I have more hair than I really do."


"I got tired of looking for miracle remedies. Since I had my procedure done in follitech, I feel way more secure and my relationships have improved. "


"I had 2 hair transplants and the results weren't convincing because my scalp still showed through. Now, with the scalp micropigmentation, I am finally happy with the way I look. Thank you."

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"My self confidence was really low because of my alopecia. Now, I am very happy because I don't have to worry about my scalp showing through and people looking at me in a strange way. Thank you!"

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"For a woman, it can be very traumatizing to have alopecia. But thanks to this procedure, my nightmares are now in the past. This is the best decision I have ever taken. Thank you for helping me!

What is the investment?

For a limited time, we are running a great Promotion. Cost varies depending on the procedure (Buzzed Look, Density Effect, Scar Camouflage).


These prices below include the 2 or 2 procedures needed, with at least a 3 week time between them. These prices do not include the yearly touchup you may need which is $4,500. Prices in Mexican Pesos.

I´m interested!.. What's next?

Contact Felipe in our Tijuana Clinic, He has the procedure on his head and know exactly what you are going through. When he is in contact with you, he will see your particular case, answer all your questions and send you cases similar to yours.

Also, if you with, you can have a Photoshop simulation to give you an idea of how you would look.

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