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Introducing the first tattoo ink that can be erased whenever you want and without any pain.


Tattoos don't have to last a lifetime anymore. Temporal ink is applied just like a regular tattoo and last as long as you want it to last on your skin. The process to eliminate it is very simple and painless, with the use of an ultrasound device.

You now have the freedom to have a tattoo for as long as you want and not regret anything about it.


Temporal ink is applied just like

any other tattoo. There is no difference here.

Got tired of your tattoo or changed your mind about it? Just go to your artist that did the tattoo using Temporal ink and have it removed without any pain through an ultrasound device. In a matter of days your tattoo will dissapear.

Best of all, Temporal ink does not contain any hazardous ingredients. It is made from Fruits, Vegetables and certain insects, so it will even be a vitamin cocktail for your body when you decide do erase your tattoo.

For distribution or any other inquiry please contact us at

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